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Therapy in Motion

Want to clear your mind and your head? Therapy in Motion combines physical activity with cognitive therapy to help you get “unstuck” and moving forward again.

Ideal for parents of infants & toddlers, as well as anyone who finds it difficult to balance daily life with self-care, we’ll walk in a loop from my office for appx 55 minutes, addressing the issues that are most pressing for you. The walking pace can be as slow or as quick as you prefer - no matter the speed, we’ll cover plenty of ground in our session. Babies & toddlers in carriers and/or strollers are welcome to join us as we walk.

Why do I offer this? I believe that combining walking with cognitive therapy helps postpartum parents move forward more quickly, and doesn't force time-sapped parents to choose between emotional and physical needs.
Currently, there's very little research on combining walking with therapy - but it's been my experience that clients make progress faster, and I hope to conduct future research on this topic.


Currently, outdoor sessions will be offered until first significant snowfall, and then resume when the sidewalks/roads are clear.

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