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From Couple to Parents & Back Again

Parenting issues v couples issues - what's the difference?From Couple to Co-parents

Some couples argue over the many new tasks that small children require, some argue over long-time issues that parenthood is now highlighting. You've not only added a new life to your family - but new roles as well! 

My approach to working with couples addresses both types of issues by helping to get to the heart of what's going on, and addressing co-parenting tasks as separate from long-standing issues. Often by addressing the co-parenting issues, the pressure on the couple is so reduced that the core issues can now be addressed more peacefully.

So often each partner can't understand how her/his best intentions can be misconstrued or unappreciated. Working within the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy framework, our work together will cover the relationship dynamics that prevent each of you from feeling heard and connected.

I typically meet with couples for 6-10 sessions on a weekly basis, and then space out sessions as needed. After our initial sessions, many couples opt to come every other week for a few sessions, and some couples opt to come in on a monthly basis to check in.

I believe that when we, as parents, feel connected and experience love, support, and acceptance from our partners, our children learn from witnessing our interactions to provide that love, acceptance, and support to others, and expect it in return.

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